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These days when it comes to pulling together a beauty look, nothing quite makes the right impression like a stunning set of brows. Whether you have thin brows or thick brows, the goal is to give your eyebrows a full and sculpted look. And thanks to eyebrow lamination, it has just become easier.

Sure brow lamination is going up against microblading and eyebrow products such as brow gels, eyebrow pencil and pomades, but by the looks of it, it’s in a class of its own.

According to Allure, the technique originated in Russia, with beauty lovers flaunting slicked up brows at a perfect symmetry. And if you’re a firm believer that eyebrows make your beauty look, one glance at this technique will drive your point home.

So what is brow lamination you may ask? This technique takes thin or bushy brows and smoothes it out. Once they are smoothed to perfection, your brow hairs are lifted at a vertical angle to achieve the perfect brow. The process starts with a lifting cream placed on the brows, which allows them to shift into a new shape. Then, the brow hairs are brushed in place, and a neutralizer is applied on top to keep the brows in their new shape. Finally, a hydrating oil is layered over the brows to give you a fresh out of the salon look.

After that, you can pluck tweeze, wax or tint your brows to suit your style. Best of all, this technique lasts up to two months.

While most people can only count on their brow tech to give them freshly sculpted brows or their products of choice, brow lamination has changed the game. While some people would rather stay away from using excess product, this technique meets pretty much everyone’s needs.

Not to mention, this technique can work on almost any set of brows. From thin, bushy, or a set of overplucked brows, brow lamination can pull your look together.

What say you? You down to try the brow lamination trend? Sound off in the comment section below.


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