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SNS Nails

This technique is based on dipping. Manicurists start the process by shaping and filing the nails then cleansing the nails with primer. One coat of Resin (adhesive) is brushed on the nail plate. Each finger is dipped in the color powder individually for two coats and resin is added again. Then the manicurist applies the activator that is brushed on two to three times. Finally, a glossy top coat completes the nail set.

While each technique sounds like a great option, it’s best to select a technique that aligns with our lifestyle. For example, if you don’t mind taking a trip to the nail salon every two weeks, gel manicures would be perfect. However, gel manicures can become problematic and cause your nails to thin out with excessive use. When using this method, it is recommended to take breaks to ensure the health of your nails.

On the flip side, if staying power is a huge concern, SNS nails are the best bet as they last for up to three weeks without any chipping or fading. Plus, this method skips the UV light for those who are worried about being exposed to those rays. This alternative also uses organically processed chemicals which is great for those who have skin allergies and are sensitive to chemical odors.

Are you team gel manicures or SNS nails? Let us know down below!


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