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If you’ve ever been interested in building a career in the hair industry, now is your chance! Celebrity hairstylist Nafisah Carter is giving us the keys to success with her new e-book, Nafisah’s Hair Vendor Blueprint: A Digital E-Book Guide.

The beauty first hit the ground running by mastering the art of beauty at Dudley’s Beauty College. She then began her career at the infamous Rita Hazaan Salon that’s known for styling Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. She then leveled up by opening up her own salon, Nafisah’s Beauty Boutique in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Riding high on the waves of success, Nafisah is personally requested by Black Hair Australia to serve as a resident hairstylist. And every time she visits the country, she is hailed as the “Hair Savior,” because of her ability to restore severely dry, brittle hair and transform each mane into a beautiful masterpiece.

If that’s not enough, she has even landed the opportunity of a lifetime working as a stylist for BET’s Black Girls Rock! While Nafisah has been killing the game, it’s always been important for her to learn from her mistakes. “It’s all about knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself and your talent as a celebrity stylist, she shares. The unique qualities you have, no one else can bring to the table. So, trust your gut, trust the value of your brand, know your value and stick to it. Everything else will figure itself out from that point.

While some people are only interested in entering the hair industry for financial gain, it’s so much more to Nafisah. As a young girl growing up, hair has always been her passion and connecting with her clients has always been a major plus. So, with her new e-book, sharing the best vendors and tips for securing deals was a top priority.

My biggest inspiration was definitely my clients. “So many females are soaring and bossing up, she shares. “It’s so empowering to see. They would always pick my brain to try and follow in my footsteps. So, I realized how important it was for me as a woman to spread my knowledge and share my experience with starting a business. It’s hard to know where exactly to start and it brings me joy to help aspiring women find their way. It made perfect sense for me to share my arsenal of trusted hair vendors that I stand by–Vendors that offer top of the line 100% virgin and raw hair that doesn’t shed, tangle and takes amazingly well to color, and can go the distance with proper care and maintenance.”

If you’re interested in building a career in hair entrepreneurship, make sure you purchase Nafisah’s Hair Vendor Blueprint: A Digital E-book Guide at:


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