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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 10

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NeNe is back. Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta centers around Eva’s upcoming wedding because that’s where the residual from Closet Gate is all going to resurface..of course. We begin the episode with Sharmari stopping by Swagg Boutique to check on NeNe and Gregg. Gregg is finally back home after his last stint at the hospital and he and NeNe are going through it. Shamari apologizes to NeNe for getting wasted at her party and even brings her another bottle of St. Germain as an olive branch since it’s the same type of liquor she threw up all over NeNe’s crib. Sharmari also mentioned that she was embarrassed but this won’t be the last time we see her get pissy drunk.

Let’s fast forward to the wedding. Eva looks gorgeous. Everything flows smoothly, but it’s the wedding reception where everything goes down and that’s where we are now. NeNe is there, miserable because of what’s going on in her personal life. She reveals to Cynthia that she’s tired of Gregg being mean to her and explains that things are so bad they’re talking about staying in separate houses. It’s a weird situation because obviously, he’s sick, but his behavior has been draining her. She really wants to leave because it’s probably also weird being at a wedding when your own marriage is in shambles but she decides to stay because she’s supposed to do Eva’s toast.

In related news, of course, Porsha and Kandi decide that this is the time and place to talk to NeNe about Closet Gate!

Kandi, Marlo, Cynthia, and Porsha sneak off to some nook tucked away from the rest of the party where they get the conversation started. Kandi and Porsha mention that they were taken aback by NeNe’s aggression. NeNe doesn’t feel like she was being aggressive, of course. Porsha and Kandi understand that NeNe said not to go in her closet but again, they didn’t think it was that serious and what they didn’t like was the smack talking that NeNe was doing about them after the fact. NeNe said she wasn’t talking smack.

Porsha jumps in and says NeNe’s behavior still wasn’t okay. You know, ripping people’s shirts off and what not. NeNe doesn’t agree. But then the shady boots producers flashback to that time NeNe told Porsha at a reunion that she would never put her hands on anyone.

NeNe is testy during this entire conversation, and she tells them that they don’t know what she’s going through, which they don’t and this point. Things surprisingly don’t go left though. Eventually, Kandi and Porsha just apologize and they all agree to move on. They run into a drunken Shamari on their way back out to the party. She’s wasted again. Not super wasted but definitely gone, but at least she doesn’t throw up this time.

Finally, NeNe gets herself together enough to deliver her speech and she ironically gives good advice about how to make a marriage last. Ultimately, love won the episode.

But next week, there is going to be some drama surrounded Eva’s financial situation and living situation. There’s always at least one every season.


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