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Tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop Miami begins with the reminder that Khaotic might be facing jail time, but more on that later. Jessie Woo is back, and she links with Trina for a kiki. Basically, she’s still waxing poetic about Julian, Amara La Negra’s manager (and her ex-manager). This time he called Lamb and D, the producers she really wants to work with and tells them not to work with her. This doesn’t sit well with Trina, especially because she’s familiar with Julian, but it’s not her battle. Jessie will get her moment to confront Julian at Trina’s upcoming Rockstar Music Group event.

Now we’re back at Khaotic’s court hearing. He’s charged with reckless driving but he claims that the reason why he fled the scene is that police started pursuing him in an unmarked car but didn’t identify themselves. He thought someone was trying to kill him because that has happened to him before in that way. His lawyer says they have a good case so the reject the pleas of 24 months of jail time and five years of probation. He’s going to trial. May the odds be in his favor. They’re not (because going to trial after rejecting a plea often doesn’t end well), but let’s hope his lawyer is correct.

Let us pray.

Now we’re at Trina’s showcase and we’re all preparing for the drama that’s probably about to go down. Bobby Lytes shows up and surprise surprise, he keeps it cute and even apologizes to Trina for ditching her record label. Trina says she has no ill feelings toward him and they move on. Then Jess shows up and talks to Lamb and D. They agree to work with her on one single without a contract or exorbitant fee and see where goes. Jessie finally gets her wish. Then they tell her that she needs to make peace with Jullian. Coincidentally (not really though), Julian comes through and they talk and agree to let it go. Crisis averted.

Then Amara La Negra comes through. She slides in a booth near Trina and Trick Daddy, who invited her. In Trick’s mind, it’s a date, but Amara expresses that she thought they were just there as friends. This doesn’t sit well with Trick. He gets even more annoyed with Joy comes trying to see if he and Amara are a thing. That convo doesn’t go well and both Trick and Joy end up storming out.

The episode ends with Khaotic’s anti-gun violence vigil Many people in the cast have lost loved ones. Trina and Joy are hit so hard that they had to walk away. Khaotic basically calls for peace and for influencers to help spread the message and we end on that note.

Pretty Ricky returns next week, drama between Jessie and Amara heats up and even Khaotic runs up on Prince.


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