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Behind the high corn-stalk and knee-high soy crops outside New Orleans is a lair guarded by nature. Residents would never know Marvel’s next big blockbuster is being filmed in the acres of their backyard. Cranes carrying cameras are hidden by high trees as the sweltering heat makes small bodies of water a haven for mosquitos. The set is secluded but open with workers traversing the land in between scenes.

Myself and a handful of our journalists, anxious for what’s in-store (and coated in bug spray) enter the set with wide eyes marveling the set of Captain Marvel.

It was a busy day on set as we entered the home where Carol Danvers discovers her forgotten identity. Photos of her in her hay day line the mantle. Danvers is played by the ambitious Brie Larson, who insisted on doing most of her own stunts. Eventually, we got to catch up with the ex-U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and member of the Kree.

“I just want to face myself,” she explained dressed down in a graphic tee. “I want to get to that point where you’re in the deep end and you don’t know and you’re running off of instinct and you learn something new. You find power that you didn’t know you had and there’s a lot of things that I learned but similar to what this one was about.”

That strength is what made Brie the perfect candidate to play Danvers as she leads a galactic war between two alien races. “I feel like I really came into my power on this film in a way that I hadn’t felt before. I had a lot of friends on this movie say to me a lot stronger than you know, and I just, for the last six months I’ve been like, I know that I’m strong. I know what I can do it. I am not questioning my strength any longer. And then recently I had this more. I went, oh my God, I am stronger than I know.”

Carol Danvers isn’t the only shero in Captain Marvel, her former Air Force partner is a Black woman played by the up and coming Lashan Lynch. Her character Maria is a single mother raising a daughter in the 90s.

Before landing the role of Maria, Lynch auditioned for at least three other Marvel movies, but felt inspired by this role.

“There was an energy around the call,” she revealed in her heavy British accent. Lynch drew inspiration from her mother, who is her biggest champion. “It was important for me to get the Black realness in this film.”

“My character is a disciplinary, she’s strong, she’s bold, she’s bear, She’s honest. She’s the backbone of the family. She is a single mother, which is important to me to play in this lifetime because I come from a single-parent household,” she explains. “There’s little moments that as a mom and daughter it was important for me to show that Black household. I wouldn’t want to watch anything with a single Black mother acting casual, as Jamaicans would say, ‘Acting like we’re the same size.'”

By night fall we had spoken to just about everyone involved including Sam Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and the brilliant directors behind the action-packed flick Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

With Captain Marvel set in the 90s, Nick Fury is younger than we’ve seen him in the later Avenger films. This version of Nick Fury is into “threat assessment,” Jackson revealed. Until meeting Carl Danvers and realizing the threat is beyond these earthly realms.

“Brie and I have an interesting chemistry having done several films together already. Being with her we have a sense of what works between us and how we interact,” he revealed.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019.


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