Hair Texture: “4A, maybe some 4B, but more of a 4A.”

Upon meeting Enocha Tellus, better known as ‘Miss Enocha’ on social media, you can feel her regal spirit. I watch as she struts down the beach confidently, smiling as the cameras surround her and the director instructs her to move slower, or quicker, depending on the shot. Her hair is styled in a beautiful up-do, faux hawk type of mix and it looks so full. Her melanin is shining under the golden hour light.

Miss Enocha is done filming and we’re talking about the products. She’s dipping her hand between some TGIN Twist and Define Cream after the Suave leave in conditioner is in. One might be shocked that she’s mixing multiple brands to achieve her next look (which is to go to the airport) as she’s flying to her next commitment. Donkada, the Senior Brand Manager for Suave, had explained to me that “a core insight of the Black consumer is cocktailing. So when we made these products, we ensured everything was perfect that she can take one rom the product selection and use it, even if she’s not taking the whole line.” Brilliant. Most brands try to sell you the whole suite and you have to spend time on YouTube and Instagram to figure out what you need (or spend lots of money on your own trial and error).

As I chat with Miss Enocha, she gets candid about the products. “For me, it’s more of a ‘wash and go’ product vs a ‘set your hair with it product’.” She’s placing bantu knots in her hair as she occasionally looks at me from the mirror. “I think that it (Suave products) makes your hair really soft. It gives your hair a softness to it and moisturized feel.” This is essential for Type 4 hair that often suffers from dryness. For Miss Enocha, the feeling of her hair is key. When I inquire about her favorite product from the soon to be released collection, she states, “I like the leave in conditioner. I think that’s the product that really leaves your hair soft.”

We talk about the natural hair commercial and the type of representation it will bring. Many Black women, particularly Type 4 hair Black women, don’t see themselves in media or advertisements. “It’s sad I have to say this in this day and age. It’s nice to see girls with your hair and texture that look like you on tv. It’s great to see a product being made for our hair texture specifically.” Indeed, it is. Donkada emphasized, “One of the things that was important to us was authenticity and the right presentation. We spoke to a lot of curly girls in the space not just in terms of the product, but how they want to see themselves.” In a world where Prada is making monkey face charms and Rolling Stone Magazine is having their first Black photographer shoot a cover, ever. It’s great to see a large brand that’s invested in getting representation right.

For Miss Enocha, one thing about getting it “right,” was the affordable price point and how this product will be perfect for the newly natural trying to figure out her hair routine. “I know back in the day when I was just becoming natural, you basically just try EVERY product to figure out what works on your hair. When a new one comes out, you want to try it. It gets really expensive. $10 for shampoo is expensive. People that are newly natural and want to try a product, this won’t break the bank. If this does work, then you have something affordable!” We’re so here for it. Often times, when we see something affordable, we worry about the grade of the product. Donkada but those fears at ease by explaining, “One of the insights was this category was so overpriced. We wanted to bring something to her, particularly for Type 4 hair, at a great price. We believe in democratizing trends and bringing quality products at a great price point.”

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