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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood really just builds up to the end, when Bridget, Brooke, Shun Love, and Amber Diamond get into to a scuffle at a showcase (the usual). Speaking of Shun Love, she and Apple are getting along swimmingly. Shun Love got some bomb lawyers on Apple’s case and her 30-day prison sentence ends up getting shortened to a few days. Shun also moves Apple into a nice house in Hollywood (and her kids are coming to stay with her too). Their business relationship is poppin’ but Shun warns Apple that her Johnny Come Lately dad cannot be trusted. Apple agrees that he definitely has opportunist tendencies.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Next, we’re at A1 and Lyrica’s party. They’re just celebrating the baby and being back in love and Lyrica asks A1 to marry her again. Amber Diamond is present and she informs Apple and Lyrica that she and Marcus go back. Back back. Catch the insinuation? According to Amber, they’ve been well acquainted pretty much up until not too long ago.

Amber Diamond and Marcus have a moment to talk here and Amber mentions that she saw Brooke recently at RoccStar’s release party. Remember, this is the event that Marcus didn’t want her to go to. You know what happens next right?

Marcus confronts Brooke about defying his wishes and Brooke mentions that she noticed Marcus has been liking a lot of Amber’s pics on IG. She obviously doesn’t appreciate that. She also wrote a song inspired by him called “F–k Boy Tendencies.” This goes over well.

Marcus’ response is basically that Brooke is on punishment. He doesn’t say it in those words but he tells her that she’s cut off financially and they won’t be going on any dates, etc. Yeah, this is dumb. They obviously have no trust in their relationship and probably need to leave each other alone.

Anyway, we Brooke’s crazy arse tells Bridget what’s been happening with Marcus and that she found an app where you can text somebody using someone else phone number so she decides to play games. She texts Amber pretending to be Marcus and they have a flirty exchange. Amber even calls Marcus “Zaddy.”

Brooke invites Amber to her upcoming showcase (as Marcus), and this is where the episode winds down. Shun and Amber arrive just as Brooke finishes performing and you already know Brooke starts taunting them. This goes predictably south. Shun and Amber pop off on Brooke, but this is a verbal assault because Brooke is still on stage. However, Bridget is standing right next to them and ends up getting dragged into the exchange by popping off at the mouth. Bridget, being in close proximity to the hostile parties, gets bopped right in the head by Shun Love. Check this out, Shun Love snatches Amber’s wig off and uses that as a weapon.

Never have we ever seen someone yank off someone else’s wig to hit someone else with. We’ve seen Cardi B snatching off her own wig to fight, but this is leveling up the petty.


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