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If you’re a fan of VH1’s long-running show Black Ink Crew, you’re already well aware of Sky. Her boisterous personality is undeniable. And her story, though riddled with tragedies and triumphs, is a cautionary tale that is ever-so relatable. All of that combined with a fearless and free spirit adorned with ink, she is the Cardi B of reality TV.

Over the years, we’ve watched Sky undergo plastic surgery, vaginal replenishment and an insemination party that went awry. But it was the times we saw her conquer a bid in jail, show great resilience in the face failure and her emotional reunion with her sons that set her apart. And this season is no different.

“It’s going to be some confusing sh*t,” she said in a candid interview while promoting the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew. “I’m a mother of two amazing young men and I’m working on myself as a woman,” she added. Sky mended the relationship with her youngest son Des, but her strained relationship with her older son Genesis is a work in progress. “I’m working on myself and with that, I’m thankful that my boys are with me through it because this sh*t right here is different for me. I’m used to, you do something wrong, you cut them off. But you can’t do that with your kids.”


Sky alluded to a breakthrough with her boys on this season. “You’re going to see, on this season of Black Ink Crew, something super amazing. It’s going to be uphill battles. It’s going to be down there battles.”

Sky has evolved from the woman who first graced our screens and she is still flawed, but she’s more determined to change her life than ever before. She recently poured her money into a boutique Her Little Secret in Miami’s artistic Wynwood neighborhood.

“It’s the girl cave. Like it’s somewhere you can come get pampered and shop. It’s just gonna be a vibe. address to my boutique is 2100 northwest second avenue and it’s going to be something amazing.”

Venturing into entrepreneurship is something Sky learned from her mentor Caesar.

“I’m thankful for my brother because Caesar, he is the shit that he’s the shit he makes sure. Especially with my family situation. I love that he doesn’t want anything other than to see me do good. I want the same for him. And that is hard to get, especially from a man that y’all don’t have the same blood from each other.”

Sky soaked up her business savvy from Caese and calls herself his protege. “We all black and we’re able to show what these kids from the hood can grow up into as adults.”

Sky’s cautionary rags to riches story is inspirational. “You gotta work, you gotta have something up under your belt to pass onto your kids and your kids’ kids. I’m trying to be on my grand kids. Go Queen.”

Catch Sky on Black Ink Crew every Wednesday night on VH1.


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