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When the Black Ink Crew isn’t making us laugh with their weekly antics around the shop, they’re perfecting their craft and leaving a lasting impression on their revolving door of clients. Check out their best tattoos when you keep scrolling.

Melody’s Goddess Tattoo

Melody Mitchell is one of the most talented tattoo artists to walk through Black Ink’s doors. Not only did the free spirit show and prove herself as an ink master within her first few days, she proved herself to be an invaluable artist at the shop as she continued to bring in new clients. Melody, despite personal issues with her man, channeled her frustrations into a goddess tattoo that left everyone in the shop with wide eyes.

Young Bae Does A Dope Geometric Skull Tattoo

Don’t let the name fool you, Young Bae is a dope tattoo artist, whose work speaks for itself through her loyal clientele. On this episode of Black Ink Crew, Young Bae’s hopeful boo Rob visited the shop to get a geometric skull tattoo that only Young Bae could execute flawlessly. While the tattoo was a success, we’re not sure we can say the same about their dating status.

Ceasar Touches Up Lil Boosie

The Black Ink shop brings in top celebrity clients from Rah Ali and DMX to Lil Boosie (just to name a few). Ceasar and Lil Boosie have a lot in common, for one, they both started from the bottom and built an empire using their talent and determination. Boosie traveled all the way from Baton Rogue to 125th St. in NYC to get his tattoo touched-up by Ceasar himself. Ceasar added the bossed up line “Kingpin” to a Boosie’s arm tatt.

Donna Gets Tatted

Good tattoo artists come and go at Black Ink Crew and Kevin was one of them. Brought in by Melody, Kevin’s undeniable skills and personality gave him an allure that was hard to resist, which makes all the more sense why he was Donna’s choice artist to do her snake woman tattoo. While tatting Donna, Kevin opened up about his sexuality leading to a progressive moment on the show.

Ceasar Likes What He Sleeves

Ceasar may have been fresh off a tumultuous breakup, but his ink spirits were high when a beautiful young woman came in to the shop to get a tattoo in honor of her late father. Feeling like he too was experiencing a “death” of sorts, Ceasar channeled his pain into the gates of heaven in an ink job that will last forever. Literally.

*Honorary Mention: Donna’s Piano Grand Piano*

Donna’s long apprenticeship all paid off when she was able to express herself through her art and on a piano tattoo for a potential returning client. Melody, who was vying for a managerial position at the shop, stepped in to straighten a few of Donna’s “lines,” but in the end it was all Donna who pulled off one of the most important tattoos of her life.


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