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HelloBeautiful and MadameNoire have collaborated on a brand new digital talk show called Listen To Black Women which discusses the issues that affect us most, and in this episode we’re asking the question: What’s at the root of our policing of the way Black women express their beauty?

Black women have worked overtime to deconstruct the European standards of beauty that have been imposed on us, but in doing so we’ve in turn begun policing other Black women whose beauty choices we don’t deem “woke” enough. Whether it’s how a Black woman styles her hair, does or doesn’t wear makeup, or the shape of her body, there always seems to be something we take issue with amongst ourselves. And in this episode we’re attempting to get to the heart of the matter and offer insight on how we can begin to let every Black woman be beautiful in her own way.


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The grand return of the Melanin Awards amplifies and honors the finest Black-owned beauty brands with honest reviews, and discusses the evolution of beauty in Hip-Hop culture.