In episode one, hosts Chriss Miss, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Jessie Woo and Taryn Finley sit down for a candid chat about prioritizing zen and setting boundaries to protect their spiritual and physical energy.

On this episode of Listen To Black Women, our hosts break down why the holidays are or are not the right time to introduce your new boo.

Listen To Black Women

In this episode of Listen To Black Women, hosts Chris Miss, Jessie Woo and Shamika Sanders are joined by special guest Sesali Bowen to discuss society's sense of entitlement when it comes to discussing and policing Black women's bodies.

Latham Thomas joins the ladies of Listen to Black Women to show some much-needed love to our girlfriends! We're talking intentional relationships, showing up for our sisters, and knowing when and where to draw the line. Catch all this and more only on MadameNoire!

When it comes to bedroom behavior, should men enjoy using toys to please their women in the bedroom? The ladies of "Listen To Black Women" delve into the principles of pleasure in this season two premiere episode.


When most of us think about marriage, we romanticize the notion of our partners knowing every single thing about us. But the truth is, letting the man or woman in your life get to know you inside and out can leave you vulnerable in more ways than one. Should your wife know about your rainy day […]

Share your thoughts on the act of stealthing, Marie Kondo-ing your personal life, and if you should prioritizing sex when looking for Mr. Right in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.

There’s a reason Tarana Burke named her movement supporting Black women and girls who are survivors of sexual assault Me Too: We all have a story. While the depth of abuse we experience may differ — from sexual harassment to sexual violence — Black women are still more likely than women of other populations to […]

Share your thoughts on cheating, men’s comments on women’s looks, and what information you should keep to yourself in a relationship in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.

The Internet erupted in to a frenzy a few weeks back when makeup mogul Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, was caught canoodling with Jenner’s older sister Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristian Thompson. The court of public opinion initially slammed Woods, calling her a home wrecker, a snake, and in violation of our most precious […]

Share your thoughts on girl code and abuse of power in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.


The Friend Zone is a place no one wants to be in. But have you ever put someone in the friend zone by accident? Or perhaps regretted friend-zoning someone who actually might’ve made a great partner? In this week’s episode of Listen to Black Women, we’re talking about the criteria women use when deciding whether […]