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6th Annual No Reservations Needed Dinner

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The one non-messy thing that happens on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is when Jessica Dime and her fiance have a gender reveal party. It’s a girl! But we knew that already thanks to #TheBlogs.

Karlie Redd sat out the gender reveal because she knew that Tokyo Vanity and Sierra would be there and we all know that the latter are quite annoyed with her due to that messy so-called friendtervention. Anyway, she’s with her boo, Sean Garrett, at a bowling alley because they’re double dating with Spice and Tobias. Karlie is surprised to see Spice walking in with Tobias and of course, brings up the fact that Tobias used to date Tokyo Vanity. Tobias emphasizes that Tokyo Vanity is his ex. Then Karlie says she’s not best friends with Tokyo and goes into the story about BK Brasco cheating on Sierra and how she did that stupid friendtervention. This sets off Sean Garrett. One, because he’s tired of Karlie gossiping, and two, because BK Brasco is his friend. He calls Karlie out and tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with her mess, especially since BK Brasco isn’t there to defend himself. He’s tired of Karlie and realizes that Karlie is gon’ Karlie so he should probably not continue pursuing a relationship with her. He leaves before bowling even starts. Karlie could care less. As a matter of fact, she’s going to burn his bowling shoes for good measure. Because why not be a 40-plus-year-old child.


Rasheeda wants her friends to come to Houston for the Pressed Grand Opening on Vh1’s her dime. The cherry on top is that Rasheeda plans to take the crew (plus some of the men) to a dude ranch while they’re there. Spice makes it a point to note that she’s down as long as Rasheeda doesn’t invite the pig (Spice threw that shot because she’s annoyed that she had to cancel their video launch party due to Tommie’s negligence). That would be Tommie’s pig, the one she’s always late to rehearsal for. This obviously doesn’t go over well with Tommie, who is quite drunk by now and doesn’t appreciate Spice “making a mockery of her.” Tommie expresses her displeasure toward Spice first, and then meltdown mode goes full throttle. At some point, Tommie shifts her ire toward the producers. Her behavior is quite bizarre (but this isn’t the first time) as she starts speaking nonsensical insults but you can hear her saying she’s going to “shut their whole house down because they know that she knows where they live,” and talking about how she needs to go to jail tonight. Everyone, including production, is looking at her like…


No one should be surprised though. We’ve seen Tommie crash and burn before.

Anyway, she finally gets escorted out, and then we get the text-on-screen treatment because the rest is all audio. Basically. Tommie rushed back in to try to confront Spice and attacked some crew in the process. It’s wild, and even Love and Hip-Hop producers have a breaking point. Hold that thought.

In other messy news, Karlie Redd got over feeling some type of way about Sierra and Tokyo Vanity because she misses them. She meets up with them to inform the latter that Spice and Tobias have been hanging out. Tokyo Vanity gets pissed off and it’s twofold. She’s annoyed at Karlie for being carrier pigeon, again, and also annoyed (and jealous) that she and Tobias just broke up but he’s already dating someone else. Tokyo goes off on Karlie and says she doesn’t care about any of this stupid stuff (but we know she’s really just trying to convince herself that she doesn’t care) and exits stage left. Sierra informs Karlie that she needs to find a better way to deliver her mess. Or, how about, don’t? Anyway, Sierra also claims that she’s done wit BK Brasco and then Karlie takes this opportunity to invite Sierra on Rasheeda’s trip to the ranch.

Meanwhile, Just Brittany coincidentally has a show coming up in her hometown. You guessed it, it’s Houston. Even more specific, she’s performing at the Pressed Houston Grand Opening. This is Kirk’s doing because he organized local talent to perform. No trip would be right if random people didn’t invite more random people that other people won’t be happy to see. So, Brittany invites her girl Tiarra and Tiarra thinks it’s a great idea to invite Jasmine since Kirk and Rasheeda are going to be there. Basically, she plans to insert herself in their business and thinks this is a great way for Jasmine to talk to Kirk and Rasheeda about Kirk to seeing his son. Didn’t Tiarra and Jasmine’s previous pop up on Rasheeda go left though?

They gotta be some kind of stupid.


The sad part is, Rasheeda seems to believe that this Houston trip is going to be drama-free and that the time spent at the Dude Ranch, living in close quarters, is going to be amazing.


Finally, the episode concludes with Love and Hip-Hop producer, Stephanie Gayle, announcing to the cast that they’ve decided to no longer film with Tommie because of her erratic, substance-fueled behavior. Stephanie doesn’t want to get into all the details but she says that Tommie has been breaking a lot of the rules, including attacking security, and that they generally just want to help her. Obviously, filming a reality TV show isn’t the best thing to do for someone with substance abuse and psychological issues. Yung Joc brings up the point that they’ve seen other people wilding out but even that was never this bad. “Other people” definitely means Joseline Hernandez.


Anyway, next week we get to see messy Jasmine attempting to get more camera time to have another serious chat with Kirk and Rasheeda about her son in yet another inappropriate time and place.


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