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Kim Zolciak Visits 'Extra'

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion finally wraps its three-part reunion special tonight with Kim at the center of the drama. We pick up from where we left off last week, with and NeNe and Kim going at it again over the handicap spot situation, and this sets the tone for the rest of the reunion.

It’s mostly an hour-long roast of Kim.  Basically, Kim has a tendency to lie, get caught in those lies and then play the victim and people are tired of it. First, Andy tries to get to the bottom of why Kim and Kenya don’t like each other and that isn’t resolved. As we know, Kenya and Kim had a major blow out argument at Sheree’s housewarming party and according to Kenya, Kim came for her first. Kim doesn’t see it that way, but Cynthia agrees with Kenya.

Then we discuss the John Legend tickets situation. Remember, Kim, tweeted asking who Brielle had to go down on (but it was said in a more vulgar way) to get some tickets. Kim says it was a joke, which is believable, but she should have known that people would take it and run, and that’s what happened. Kenya and NeNe weaponized it by saying that Kim pimped her daughter out and even John Legend and Chrissy Teigen didn’t think the joke was appropriate. It’s out there now and it is what it is. Things get really deep when Kenya tells Kim that she and Brielle are heauxs and that Kroy is stupid for turning a heaux into a housewife.


Kim’s comeback is that they’re all jealous of her because she has her own show. That’s a reach because as Kandi points out, they’re all doing big things in their own respective lives. Speaking of Kandi, we also get to the topic of…the box. Remember when Kim said that Kandi was “mad because she wouldn’t let her lick her box” and then backtracked. Yeah, that gets called into question too. For the record, Kim lied about that and tried to blame it on production, and editing, and even pulled the, “I never said that card,” again (despite being on camera saying it).

Kandi is obviously still pissed off by that remark and let’s Kim have it. Given what Kandi went through with Porsha, it’s understandable. Kim finally ends up leaving and nothing is resolved because she refuses to address anything honestly. The truth just isn’t in her. She is constantly denying that she ever said things that she’s on camera saying so what can you do? These women are waisting their time trying to confront her.


Roach-gate is also brought into question and NeNe’s point about Kim being racist is reiterated. Kandi explains why NeNe felt the way she felt but Kim is firm in her stance that she isn’t racist.

Meanwhile, Sheree, Kim’s friend, is silent the entire time and that brings us to the episode’s conclusion. Kim Calls Andy backstage to ask him how he expected her to sit there with these negative women, basically playing the victim. Sheree is also present for this conversation and gets caught in the line of fire. Kim says she’s upset with Sheree for not sticking up for her, especially with them calling her racist. Sheree then says that what they said was crazy. However, Sheree is the crazy one, because this entire time that Kim swears she’s not racist she says microaggressive things like telling Andy that “no other white woman would be crazy enough to sit on that stage.” She also points out that they need to put themselves in her shoes sitting there with those “five African-American women” who were just going in on her for no reason.


And then she says that racism isn’t even real and it’s just exaggerated by the internet. Sheree is just quiet through all of this yet the other women are crazy.


The point is (because some of y’all make a habit of missing points), for someone who doesn’t see color, as Kim has said multiple times, she sure sees color. You know, constantly bringing up the fact that she is the only white woman around these black women. That’s one example.

So, yeah, this is ridiculous. Kim is ridiculous but she’s not returning to RHOA, hopefully for good, Sheree is ridiculous, and according to reports, and neither is Sheree (allegedly).



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