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Part two of tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Reunion is another tease. This is pretty much the precursor to next week’s, finale, when Kim storms out because she can’t take the heat. Tonight we begin with the Kandi and Porsha saga…again. This time they decide to never speak on roofie-gate again. They shake on it and look forward to moving forward, but we know Kandi is still perfecting all the side eyes she plans to give Porsha in the future. We already know they’re probably never going to be friends again.


Then we get back on Nene and rape-gate. Nene explained herself again. She was triggered to say her Uber joke because the heckler told her to kill herself. Neither woman is right, but at the same time, hecklers at a comedy show can’t play the victim when they get what they were asking for. If you try to roast a comedian then be prepared for them to turn the tables on you. Nene knows she’s wrong for saying what she said, that’s far, even for her. However, telling someone to kill themselves is just as awful and that’s why Kandi doesn’t fault Nene. There’s no love lost between the two of them. Nene understands that the decision (by the Xscape’s business manager) really was business and not personal. It’s refreshing that Nene and Kandi started off so rocky on this show, but now they’re genuinely thick as thieves.


Eva shows up even though she’s having contractions 10 minutes apart, and she manages to get through her segment without going into labor. She’ over the whole Will and Cynthia drama but addresses it anyway. As far as she and Cynthia are concerned, it’s over; water under the bridge. She also discusses her feelings about Kim’s trash talk (the Cleopatra comments). She keeps it classy the entire time, but Nene and Kenya have time for Kim today.


Speaking of Kim, she’s the main event. When Kim and her lips come out, Kandi describes it perfectly as the “elephant in the room ceremony.” That’s pretty much what goes down. However, when Kim is called to task, she talked in circles, which frustrates everyone, including Andy. She spends the entire segment denying that she ever trash-talked anyone despite it being on camera—like saying that Cynthia only got far in life because of her looks, for example. Andy accurately calls her out when he says that she was being very Sarah Huckabee Sanders with her answers. Kim doesn’t even know who that was.



The episode concludes with Kim and Nene bickering back and forth over the Nene parking in a handicapped space situation. Basically, Kim says she didn’t see Nene parking in a handicapped and that she never said anything like that, but the footage shows Kim telling Sheree that she did see Nene parking in a handicapped space.


Again, Nene is tired of the lies and everyone is tired of Kim being able to dish it but not take it. Nene is livid because Kim always talks smack around Sheree but then gets amnesia.

But tonight we’re just getting started with that drama.

It really goes down next week when they run Kim right out of the reunion.


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