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Shad Moss is no stranger to making headlines. He recently announced the title of his new album, which promoted fans to question his mental health. According to Moss, the project, titled Edicius (suicide spelled backwards), means to “come back from death.”

Most recently, Moss visited The Breakfast Club where he revealed he contemplated taking his life because he felt he didn’t have anything more to live for. “I dun’ lapped the world eight times,” he said. “Sometimes I just question life,” he added.

I recently caught up with the Edicius rapper, who also has a mixtape Greenlight 6 on the horizon, during his press run to promote the forthcoming releases and asked him about his comments, his daughter and how he handles co-parenting with his ex Joie Chavis, who is rumored to be dating top rapper Future.

Shamika Sanders: The project has taken on a negative connotation. Is that your goal? Are you upsetit’s gone the way its gone?

Shad Moss: Nah. Cause it’s real. At a point in my life, I was really contemplating that sh*t [suicide],” he said. “I woke up, I didn’t want to be here anymore. I felt like I did everything. There was nothing else I wanted to accomplish. For me, what left I there to do when you’ve accomplished everything on your bucket list? From meeting the President, from going to the White House, from bringing Madonna out at the Grammys to performing with Beyonce and doing records with Destiny’s Child. If you were in this little body you’d probably feel the same way. When I was contemplating that I said ‘OK,’ I just sat in my room and got on my phone, and wrote it backwards. I went to google and it had a meaning to it. The meaning of “edicuis” is coming back from the death, like reborn again. Relentless.

Shamika Sanders: You mentioned this on “The Breakfast Club,” and, in response, a lot of commenters on Instagram were like, “What about your daughter?”

Shad Moss: The first time I was experiencing this, my daughter wasn’t born yet. I was 16 going through it. I just didn’t tell anybody. I wanted to have a kid at 16 because I felt like I already accomplished so much, I was bored. Having a kid is the only thing I haven’t done. But now that I do have my daughter, that’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Once I reversed the word, it took a positive twist. That’s when I woke up, like now it’s time to get focused. Stop the f*ck shit and get back on my sh*t.”

Shamika Sanders: How do you balance your new relationship and co-parenting with your ex?

Shad Moss: Simple. Me and my daughter’s mom — it’s a fine line of communication. We don’t communicate. It’s by choice because it’s better that way for us because she’s able to love who she wants to love and I’m able to do what I want to do. We’re able to respect one another from  distance. There’s no beef. It’s just best that way because that’s how we rock. It’s peace and it’s cool. She’s a wonderful mom. I couldn’t ask for a better mom. I highly respect her. I’ll never have nothing bad or negative to say about my daughters mom. I don’t even say baby mom. Plus, I respect the fact that she gives me the space I need. She’s not one of the types to dip in over here or me dip in over there. My daughter is seven years old, she been having a phone since five. She Facetimes me or calls me. Mom’s don’t gotta call me, my baby call me.

Shamika Sanders: Because you have such a great relationship with your baby’s mother, were you surprised at rumors she might have been dating Future?

She can love who she wants to love. We just have a child together. I think a lot of people get it twisted, when you have a child together, there’s always that attachment. Some people are put in life to connect and make something beautiful. That’s it. That’s how I feel we are. I have no attachment to my daughter’s mother other than we have a child together. She can date who she wants. I’m not going to judge her, or feel no way, especially when I’m over here doing my thing. I’m living my life. I’m not worried about what’s going on over there so, it’s the same way around. She’s been doing it. She seems happy. All I want is peace.


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