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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder starts 8 months ago. You know the writers here love a good flashback. We see Wes, still alive, meeting with Mrs. Castillo. Mrs. Castillo says she knows he’s having legal issues and tells him that she’ll pay him to stop seeing Laurel. Wes says he’s going to tell Laurel that she’s doing this. That obviously won’t go over well.


Bonnie and Frank play the audio of the aforementioned conversation for Laurel. They obviously need to figure out a plan of action and, of course, they’re going to run to Annalise. We still don’t know what the Supreme Court’s decision is in Annalise’s class action suit, by the way, but that’s secondary for now because Simon is awake.

Annalise tells her kids what’s up. We don’t know what condition he’s in just yet. But then, Oliver gets a call from the hospital. Simon wants to see him. At the hospital, the detective informs him that this is still an active investigation and that he better not say anything that can mess with Simons’ memory or he’ll be arrested for obstruction of justice. In case you forgot, Oliver told authorities that he saw Simon stealing the files, but he didn’t think he wanted to hurt anyone. Simon is alert, but he’s speaking very slowly, for obvious reasons, and asks Oliver if he came out to him.

Brain injuries are like a computer booting back up so those memories are going to come flooding back. They’re good for now, though.

Laurel confronts her mother about killing Wes and she lies. What else would a Castillo do?


Connor suggests Michaela tell Asher the truth about what she did with Marcus because he’s going to find out anyway, but she has even bigger problems. The investigator calls her in for more questioning in the Simon situation, but she doesn’t break. Back with the crew, Michaela suggests that Oliver marry Simon so that he can get his green card and spousal immunity (if you recall, their plan was to make it seem like Simon was trying to steal files, which could get him deported). Plus, Simon had a crush on Oliver anyway. Oliver obviously doesn’t want to do this, so the new plan of action is to encourage Simon to hire Annalise as his lawyer. Basically, they want to control Simon to try to keep themselves out of jail.

Here we go again.


The problem is, Oliver hired Tegan as his lawyer. This is a conflict of interest given who Tegan works for (Jorge Castillo). Annalise points this out, but obviously, this is going to be a lot harder than that.

Oliver actually considers marrying Simon because he’s that shook. Connor says he’s down for a throuple situation, just not with Simon.


And then Nate informs Olivia that Simon’s memory is improving. Simon remembers that Laurel was at the party that night and he’s giving a statement to the police, but not on Annalise’s watch. She has Frank head to Laurel’s place to take her into hiding.

Asher finally figures out that Michaela slept with Marcus. We saw this coming. Oliver and Connor pretty much confirmed this. So now, the latter two are present as Asher goes off on Michaela. He says the usual stuff, you know, that she’s a horrible human being and that she stabbed him in the heart, etc. Annalise walks in on this discussion to tell them ain’t nobody got time for that because Simon is talking to the police. The new plan of action is for Oliver to convince Simon not to give a statement. Oliver manages to get into his room by pretending to be Tegan’s assistant (he still had his ID) and puts Annalise on the phone. Meanwhile, Michaela tries to get Tegan to witch sides. This conversation is real, but also a distraction so that Oliver and Annalise can do their thing. Annalise tells Simon that what he’s planning to tell authorities can incriminate him too, but she has a way for him to get an S-Visa. It’s a visa for whistleblowers, so obviously there’s a plan for Simon to be the vessel for all of this. Sounds good in theory since we know that Simon wants to stay in the US, but in practice, we know what show this is.


But we’ll have to see how all of this falls into place.

After Tegan shuts Michaela down and gets back to Simon’s room, she learns that he’s not going to talk and that she’s fired.

Laurel goes missing when Frank comes to get her, but it’s because she’s at Denver’s office. She tells him that she’s willing to turn herself in for stealing the files and that she knows of Denver’s shady dealings with her father so she’ll drag him down too unless he tells her who killed Wes. We don’t know what came of this conversation yet. Frank and Annalise are constantly trying to get in touch with her but she’s not answering her phone.

Bonnie figures out that Denver has the drive and that he’s playing both sides. She calls Annalise and leaves that message in a voicemail. Denver calls Jorge to tell him that Bonnie is “at it again” and that if he doesn’t handle it he will.

Laurel now visits her mother. It turns out that Denver gave her her mother’s phone records from around the time she was dealing with Wes, under the condition that she doesn’t tell where she got it from (or he will deny it). Laurel calls her mother out on lying and again, she says she “just wanted to help.” Then we flash back to Wes calling Mrs. Castillo saying he’s in trouble with the police and that they might come after Laurel too, and he urges her to do whatever she can to keep Laurel safe.

Laurel figured out that if Wes turned himself in then it would drag Laurel and her father down, which meant Jorge’s company wouldn’t go public and her mother wouldn’t get whatever money her dad promised her. Then we cut to Mrs. Castillo telling Jorge that Wes was going to the police and he needed to do something about it. So, he did something about it.


By this point, Laurel is enraged and demanding to know why she shouldn’t kill her for her part in this. Then Nate calls Annalise, who got Bonnie’s message by now, and tells her there was a car accident. That’s when we see Nate on the scene of the wreck, and the coroner, yes, the coroner removing the body.

All signs point to Bonnie being dead, especially after we see the tears in Frank’s eyes.


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