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The gang’s all here on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and everyone except for Kenya and Kim are headed to Barcelona. Nene feels some type of way about Kim not being present and immediately begins trash talking her and you know how Muva Leakes likes to go in. She’s annoyed that Kim wouldn’t come because Kroy couldn’t come (since she’s “prone to strokes”) and then calls her a liar because she is the only person Nene knows who has had cancer (Kim said she had cancer in an earlier season, but then said it wasn’t cancer after all), thyroid issues, a stroke, open heart surgery and is still alive. Eva is on the trip too, along with Marlo and Shamea, and Eva is actually getting along with the group. If you saw her on America’s Next Top Model then you remember how savage she was. This is a toned down, more mature version.

The trip is off to a good start, kind of, despite Nene’s trash talk. And then, Shamea starts asking questions about Eva and it almost goes left when Shamea asks her about rumors that she was dating Missy Elliott and generally dipping in the lady pond. Shamea heard this on #TheBlogs, of course. Eva keeps it cute and denies everything. Cynthia says that Eva is messy for telling her that stuff about Will, but that actually blows over and they’re able to move forward.



Fast forward a bit to when they get to their villa. It’s not what they were expecting, in a bad way. They’re used to living it up, but according to Cynthia, it doesn’t look the way it did online. And you know these spoiled princesses are complaining about how small it is and apparently, there aren’t enough bathrooms. Womp. They make the most of it though.


At some point, Kim calls to check in with Sheree, who happens to be with Porsha and Shamea, and you know these messy birds tell Kim about Nene’s trash talk, which obviously doesn’t go over well. Things get worse later on at dinner when Kim sends text messages to Porsha and Sheree. Basically, Kim had some time to sit and seethe about Nene’s mouth so goes off on Nene in her text messages by bringing up roach gate (when Brielle videotaped gigantic roaches in Nene’s bathroom) and then claims Nene parks in the handicapped spot even when she doesn’t need to. Nene counters all of this, saying she was with a handicapped friend that time, that she has way more of everything than Kim, that Kim is trashy, yatta yatta. Bye wig and all that good stuff. Cynthia agrees that Kim is foul for all of this and then we end with Nene referring to her as a “Disgusting, bald head b–ch.”




This is only going to get worse. Who else but this group of women would find a way to beef with someone thousands of miles away?

More drama next week.


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