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Who cares about an Oscar, sometimes an  epic performance on the big screen is more memorable  than winning the golden statue. Whether it’s Grace Jones in Boomerang or Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost — which did win an Oscar — these are the performances that you quote and have created countless memes, even if the film was thirty years ago. In honor of Black History Month, here are nine unforgettable moments from your favorite actors.

Grace Jones’ P***y Rant In Boomerang (1992)

When Della Reese Had To Kick Eddie Murphy’s A*$ In Harlem Knights (1989)

Oprah’s Legendary Speech From The Color Purple  (1985)

“Molly, You In Danger, Girl!” From Ghost (1990)

When Denzel Became Malcolm X in 1992

Mahershala Ali’s Oscar-winning Moment In Moonlight (2016)

Larenz Tate’s Poem To Nina Mosley In Love Jones (1997)

Mo’Nique Giving One Of The Best Monologues Of All Time In Precious (2009)

Viola Davis Crying Like Only She Can In Fences (2016)


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