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For entrepreneur, fashionista, writer, speaker and all around fly Black woman Tai Beauchamp, making “money moves” isn’t just about the dollar. In fact, it’s about empowering herself and other young women to live their best lives.

We caught up with her in her element, where she shared some serious wisdom with us – namely that authenticity is one of the major keys to success.

“I think often times with image, we want to show up in the world the way other people think we should,” she says. “But once you start to realize it’s too much work to self-edit, to self-correct, you’re like, this is just what it is!”

Tai Beauchamp

Source: OneX / iOne Studios

And in all of her various endeavors, Tai always makes sure to empower her sisters.

“They need examples,” she says of young Black women. “I say that the Tai Life is about inspiring, empowering and enlightening.”

No doubt it’s Tai’s business sense, as well as her commitment to giving back, that has led to her thriving career. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to also have that je ne sais quoi that she brings to the table. Lucky for us, she’s willing to share a bit of her secret.

“Often times, we don’t allow ourselves that time to be still,” she adds. “That’s a money move, too.”

Catch the full interview in the video above.

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