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Veteran journalist April Ryan isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

On Friday during the president’s signing of the Martin Luther King Day proclamation, Ryan yelled out the following: “Mr. President, are you a racist?”

Of course, #45 tried to pretend that he didn’t hear her as he shook hands and thanked the Black attendees for coming. But Ryan didn’t care, she kept pressing and also asked Trump if he would like to give an apology for his statements made about immigrants from Haiti and other African nations.

Of course, he said nothing.

(Question: Who are all of these Black folks smiling up in this President’s face? Why are they so happy to be there? But I digress)

Ryan later told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Friday how difficult it was for her to ask that particular question.

“It was hard to really ask that question, particularly as this president was trying to celebrate, if you will, Dr. Martin Luther King, the dreamer, the man of quality, the man of peace for all people in this nation and globally. You know, listening to the president talk about Dr. King and then Ben Carson and the nephew of Dr. King, I felt bad that I had to ask this, but the day before was really big,” she said.

She added, “I mean, this president is accused of saying this repeatedly. So I had to ask the questions that I did today. I mean, in a moment like this, you have a great moment, then you have to go to the reality of the day and the time, allegedly the president is saying Africans, El Salvador and Haitians come from s-hole places. I had to ask the questions. ”

Her questions came one day after it was reported that Trump referred to African nations as “shitholes.”

As we previously reported, on Thursday in a meeting in the White House about his proposed immigration deal, Trump wanted to know why that had to include protections for people from Haiti and some nations in Africa. #45 asked why should he accept immigrants from “shithole countries” rather than people from places like Norway. Translation: Why can’t we have more white people move here from other countries.

While Trump has denied that he used those exact words, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois was present at the meeting and confirmed that Trump used this “vile and racist” language numerous times throughout the meeting.


We are living in a sad day when you have to ask if your nation’s leader if he is a racist. 2020 or impeachment can come fast enough!


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