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The latest news for women who regularly use birth control pills or other contraceptive devices that release hormones, is more than a little alarming. A new study has found that breast cancer has been linked to the use of birth control methods, specifically birth control pills.

In a report from the New York Times, a new study announced that it concluded that birth control pills or contraceptive devices releasing hormones place women who use them with a small but significant increase in the risk for breast cancer. This is certainly not the first time that birth control pills have been linked to women contracting breast cancer, however this latest studied was conducted on a much larger scale than in the past, with a whopping 1.8 million women.

Via New York Times:

The study, which followed 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade, upends widely held assumptions about modern contraceptives for younger generations of women. Many women have believed that newer hormonal contraceptives are much safer than those taken by their mothers or grandmothers, which had higher doses of estrogen.

The new paper estimated that for every 100,000 women, hormone contraceptive use causes an additional 13 breast cancer cases a year. That is, for every 100,000 women using hormonal birth control, there are 68 cases of breast cancer annually, compared with 55 cases a year among nonusers.

While a link had been established between birth control pills and breast cancer years ago, this study is the first to examine the risks associated with current formulations of birth control pills and devices in a large population.

Birth control pills are not the only thing that reportedly increases chances of breast cancer, as many other things, including foods and beauty products, have also been linked to the disease in the past. It seems that avoiding the disease entirely is becoming increasingly more challenging.


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