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The year was 1995. Junior Mafia’s “Get Money” single quickly placed itself on top of the Hip Hop world, featuring lyrics from legendary rapstress Lil’Kim. Not only was she known for her impact on the the Hip Hop music scene, her fashions have transcended into mainstream. From her bright colored hair pieces and head turning outfits to her unforgettable manicures. In the latest exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art, Lil Kim’s unforgettable “money nails” will be on display along with fashions and accessories that have had a significant impact on American culture.

The idea of this unforgettable trend stemmed from celebrity manicurist Bernadette Thompson, who has worked with numerous entertainment pillars over the years, to include Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, Aaliyah, Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. The popularity of the “Get Money” single inspired Bernadette to create the money nails look for Lil’ Kim during a denim photo shoot. She literally took pieces of cut currency to create the nail art that features pieces of the dollar bill and bling to create an eye-catching trend that still stirs waves to this day.

The exhibition runs until January 28th. It will feature the nail display along with a display of the Wonder Bra, Levi’s Jeans, the pencil skirt and the Little Black Dress. The collection was launched in an effort to promote how fashion “speaks to politics, culture and identity.”

For more information on the exhibition, check out the website here.

For more information on Bernadette Thompson, who also has her own line of nail polish, go here.

SOURCE: Washington Post 


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