Lil Kim is undoubtedly Hip Hop royalty, so of course 'XXL' tapped the Queen to cover their issue celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop.

The inimitable femcee continues to reign supreme both on stage and in the high fashion world, and she never misses a beat!

From Yung Miami's "Go Papi" sign to Lil Kim's interesting performance and Ye's masked appearance, these are the moments from the 2022 BET Awards everyone is still talking about.

She's been setting trends since the '90s, and it doesn't look like she will let up anytime soon.

Nicki Minaj praised herself and Lil' Kim as influential fashion figures who should have been featured on Vogue for their contributions to the culture.

Lil' Kim took to Instagram to serve for the girls in a cute Fendi ensemble that we love!

The girls showed out on social media in their sexiest Valentine's day fits (or lack thereof) for the lover's holiday.

If you were raised in the 90's hip hop era, then you know there are a few people, who played a major part in cultivating that era that you should never come for - and Lil' Kim happens to be one of those people.

The busty vixen is known for her over-the-top fashion, which has influenced an entire generation of rappers