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Footage of two intoxicated women vandalizing property and physically assaulting random strangers has circulated on the internet.

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The video captured by Travis Cole, a California-based Uber driver, shows two of his customers going on a drunken rampage in a North Hollywood In-N-Out parking lot.

Cole says things went off the hinge after he kicked the women out of his car for throwing up in the vehicle.

“I picked up two girls in Hollywood and they were wasted but I first asked if they are going to be sick and if they puked already but they said they were good so I continued the ride,” Cole said in a social media post.

“Not even a minute down the street the girl in the back starts making gagging noises so I immediately hand her a vomit bag but she does not even use it. She begins puking all over herself and the back of my car so I pull into the nearest parking lot which was an In-N-Out off of Sunset and Orange in Hollywood,” he wrote.

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The two women are shown walking around the parking lot, bashing cars with large orange cones and hitting people with their fists.

“Her friend gets out of the passenger side of my vehicle and tried helping her friend out but they both stumble out of the car covered in puke and fall on the ground,” he continued. “They become agitated with one another and I try to kindly explain I need to cancel and stop the ride but they both became very violent and began smashing up my car with their fists and high heel shoes so I closed up my car and locked it and got away from them so they couldn’t try to hurt me while I called 911.”

The drama only ends after one of the women is restrained by a woman she attempted to fight. Police later arrive and arrest the women involved.

Uber released a statement condemning the incident.

“The behavior in the video is absolutely unacceptable,” an Uber spokesperson said. “We have been in contact with the driver and will assist police in their investigation. The rider no longer has access to Uber.”

Watch the disturbing video above.


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