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Could this be the final straw for our relationship?

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The ‘ghosting’ trend has to be one of the most cowardly ways to opt out of a connection. In these scenarios, a person who is dating or in a relationship will just suddenly disappear from the life of their S.O.  with no explanation and no communication. The ‘ghosted’ victim often spirals through a rollercoaster of grief, including abandonment, disrespect and inadequacy.

Those who ghost often decide to leave in order to avoid the awkward conversations and fall outs of breakups. Of course, their choice to avoid confrontation often culminates into elongated suffering for the abandoned.

This cycle played out for one anonymous writer who ghosted a woman a decade ago, only to discover that she would be his new boss.

On Ask A, a reader wrote that he was in a relationship with a woman, Sylvia, for 3 years. When he decided he wasn’t ready to commit, instead of telling her, he decided to move out of the apartment they shared together while she was on vacation and move to a different country. Fast forward ten years later, he just got onboarded at a new job and found out Sylvia would be his boss.

Karma came through heavy for this guy. What would you do if you were Sylvia?

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