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The season finale of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta gave us one final look at all the drama before it all goes down at the reunion next week. The episode opens with Kirk going off on Shirleen during their family camping trip. He blames her for “getting in his business.” Basically, he’s scapegoating, or trying to run a diversion. He then goes off on the producers for “effing up his family.” Basically, he’s acting like a child and still not taking responsibility for his dirty dog ways as if anyone forced him to cheat on his wife.


You know Shirleen isn’t with the games so she does not let him talk to her like she was Rasheeda. Kirk is solely to blame for losing his family, and yelling like a maniac in front of his kids doesn’t help his situation. Let’s just get these DNA test results and keep it pushing.

Stevie and Joseline just can’t get right, not even for the sake of co-parenting Bonnie Bella. They’re on the outs again and Joseline is threatening to move back to Miami with Bonnie Bella. Stevie has also decided not to fire Estelita, like he originally promised Joseline, and that he’s going to move forward with managing her music career. Things get even more explosive between Joseline and Stevie after Stevie refuses to appear on the Wendy Williams Show with her. Joseline booked herself, Stevie and Bonnie on the show without telling Stevie. He initially agreed because they were actually getting along, but of course that was short-lived situation.  Stevie stood her up in New York and Joseline snapped because the appearance got cancelled. Things got so bad that she refused to let cameras film her, and at the end of the episode production wrote a montage about how Joseline, who has always been difficult to work with, got increasingly more uncooperative and combative with staff and cast mates so they don’t even know if she’s going to show up to the reunion (she does make an appearance according to the previews, but it’s not clear whether she’ll actually film with any of her co-stars).


Jasmine had the nerve to write Rasheeda a letter claiming she’s not the person Kirk is trying to paint her out to be and that she wants to meet up with Rasheeda to apologies. Anyway, do you hear the sounds of the tiniest violin ever?


The letter also came with Logan’s DNA test results. Logan is not the baby’s father. So, it looks like it could be Kirk. Word on the street is, it is Kirk, and we’ll get the results during what will be an explosive moment at the reunion.

On a positive note, Tommie and her mom finally go to therapy and confront each other about their and they have a break through. Tommie’s mom apologies for all she put her through and Tommie forgives her. They both agree to move forward. Looks like there’s hope for them.

The episode wraps as the usual finales do, with dramatic vignettes featuring each cast talking about how everything is working out in their lives yatta yatta. Even Momma Dee and Ernest are working on getting their relationship back on track. Whatever. We’ll be on standby for next week’s reunion drama, especially Kirk’s DNA test situation (even though, according to #TheBlogs, Kirk Frost is the father).


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