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Let’s cut to the chase. Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks back up in Jamaica. It was initially a girl’s trip, but then Joc showed up with Treasure, his “intern,” to piss off Karlie Redd, and then Kirk showed up to finally talk to Rasheeda, but let’s start with Joc.

Karlie Redd tries to act like she’s not flattered and calls him a stalker. Anyway, Treasure got a major side eye from the ladies because you know they do not rock with her. Word on the street is, she’s scandalous and known for sleeping with a married man. Eventually, Waka Flocka pops up to surprise Tammy. This could either be seen as stalkerish behavior, or extremely romantic depending on how you look at it. Tammy chooses the latter view. Good for her.


Rasheeda, who is in Jamaica to get away from Kirk, finally gets her moment to talk to him. She tells him about Logan, the young man who is claiming to be the father of Jasmine’s baby. Kirk is still sticking to the story that Jasmine is a scammer and finally agrees to take the DNA test. But like…his married behind shouldn’t have slept with Jasmine in the first place!


Speaking of Jasmine Logan decides to pops up on her after her shift at the club and tells her that he needs to know if the baby is his. Jasmine is trying to paint him as a lying stalker who isn’t over her. Later on, she tells Rod that she hasn’t had sex with him in years, but this whole situation is just shady.

Back in Jamaica, the crew gets together at a white party where Treasure gets too familiar. Basically, starts trying to dish some gossip to Rasheeda about Jasmine that she got from Jasmine’s sisterwife Kiana. No one is here for it because they’re supposed to be relaxing, and she doesn’t know Rasheeda like that. This whole situation is inappropriate. Rasheeda, rightfully upset, begins to make her exit. While Tammy and Karlie try to calm her down and get her to stay, Jessica Dime launches herself like a stripper out of a cannon and yanks Treasure’s wig for dear life. Joc collected his assistant once the melee got broken up and made it clear that why she never should have opened her mouth. Everyone else was on Jessica’s side. Meanwhile, Treasure just couldn’t understand why she was in the wrong since she was “just keeping it real.” She gets so flustered with Joc’s lack of support that she just goes back to Atlanta because keeping it real went wrong.


The episode ends on a high note for Jamaica gang. Even Jessica Dime’s boo makes a surprise appearance and he proposes. She said yes. You know what this means, right? Wedding special!


Yung Joc apologizes to Karlie Redd “for all the stuff he put her through” and they all toast to moving forward. But they ain’t moving nowhere. There’s tons more drama to go, especially with Kirk’s DNA test looming.


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