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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up at Tommie’s wine tasting event, which started off well enough, but had a few dramatic moments after Dime tried to pop off on Tammy, and then Tommie popped off on Dime. Security broke both situations up, but the drama potential gets even heavier when Tommie’s mom shows up. You know they’re like oil and water, and have deep-rooted issues, but surprisingly, it ends on a high note when Tommie’s mother actually expresses pride in her daughter.


Perhaps this is a step in the right direction for those two.

It’s a new beginning of drama for Stevie and Joseline now that we know that Stevie is Bonnie Bella’s father. Stevie wants full custody. Joseline is like, not over her dead body will Stevie get full custody, and she plans to fight it if he’s really going to bring it, and she wants to get her child support too. She also plans to move to back home to Miami with the baby, which has everyone thinking…

Is Miami the next Love and Hip-Hop City?


The tea is, they’ve been working on trying to get Love and Hip-Hop Miami for years, but casting just hasn’t been quite working out. They’re getting closer though.


Later on, Stevie tells Mimi the news and she is not happy. She says she does not want Joseline around her daughter and will get a restraining order against her if she has to.

Extra, much?

In other family news, Rasheeda pops back up to talk about her drama with Kirk to Scrappy. Basically, Rasheeda says she and Kirk are living separately, but she’s not sure whether she wants to do with their relationship yet.


They also haven’t gotten a DNA test on the baby in question yet either. Scrappy says he’s gonna catch up with Kirk to encourage him to get the test done.

Scrappy’s chat with Kirk goes just as you’d expect. Scrappy explains that Rasheeda is hurt. Kirk is still, and will forever be, an insufferable jerk. He basically blamed Rasheeda for his cheating, claiming that they having sex and that she works too much and turned him into the Manny (man-nanny).

He’s lucky she didn’t leave him around the time he cheated before and tried to claim that Karter may not be his.

Anyway, Kirk agrees to take a DNA test, on his own time (which is never), because he insists that Jasmine is just a random (as if you can’t get a random pregnant from sexual intercourse, which we’ve all learned since at least early childhood, can create babies) and that “He’s confident that he’s not the baby’s father,” so urgency really isn’t of the essence.


Karlie Redd finally found out, from Sina, that Tommie and Joc are dating. As a result, Karlie, with Melissa and Sina as backup popped up on Tommie, Mimi, Scrappy and Joc at a club to see what’s good with Tommie and Joc. There’s nothing compromising about Tommie and Joc’s situation at least in this moment, but Karlie demands answers and even tosses ones on Tommie (she could have found something way more interesting to toss at Tommie given the nature of this franchise). Tommie mouths off, and tells her she knows what it is and that this is what she gets for messing with Scrapp, then somehow it shifts to Mimi and Karlie about to go at it.

Security breaks up any would be fights, but none of this drama is over. We’ll resume the ratchet next week.


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