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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up from last week’s bombshell that Shooter and Moriah have been creeping behind Sierra’s back. The episode opens with Karlie Redd  “checking in” on Sierra. Basically, Sierra just rehashes the drama from the confrontation. Obviously, Moriah no longer works at the shop and Shooter has been kicked out of Sierra’s house but the drama isn’t dead.


Later on, Sierra links up with Moriah to get her side of the cheating saga. Moriah explains how it started. Basically, Sierra asked Moriah to drop Shooter, who was drunk, off at home after an event and the rest is history. Moriah seems to think she’s justified in sleeping with Sierra’s husband because she claims that Sierra wasn’t paying her properly so she might as well sleep with her man and get money from him too. Um, yeah…


This conversation definitely doesn’t go well at all.

Joseline finally gets the results of the infamous paternity test. The memo from Captain Obvious (because we’ve known the results for months now) says that in the case of Bonnie Bella, Stebie is the father.


At this point, Joseline claims that she wants nothing to do with Stevie with the exception of child support. Meanwhile, Stevie is gunning for full custody.

The main event of the night is Tommie’s wine tasting. This is Tommie’s major entrepreneurial venture where she actually made the wine herself. The purpose of the tasting is for people to see what it is and to celebrate what Tommie has accomplished. Rasheeda even makes a public appearance—it’s the first with the ATL crew in a while—and we’re all wondering when she’s going to have her moment with Jasmine. Tonight isn’t the night for her to be interrogated about the Kirk drama, though, and everyone respects that. Things start off well for Tommie, and she even gets a call from Scrapp DeLeon.

Then in true Love and Hip-Hop fashion, Tammy and Dime start going at it. It all started from Lovely Mimi mentioning Joseline’s video shoot and Dime picking up the conversation. Tammy  tried to change the topic of conversation to something more positive because remember, Tommie went to jail because of Joseline so obviously…anyway, Dime takes it the wrong way, despite Tammy’s good intentions, and starts popping off. Security breaks them up before hands (or drinks) could be thrown. Tammy is confused about why Dime is so upset with her, but Dime reveals, in her confessional, that apparently Tammy was in her DM’s talking about how women over 30 shouldn’t wear colored hair.



That’s still not something to be that upset about. If that’s Tammy’s opinion, then whatever.

Anyway, the wine tasting then gets to the point where Tommie pops off on Dime too because she wouldn’t shut up about Joseline. Tommie feels like Dime is at her event not to support her, but more so trying to be an informant, which makes her fake in Tommie’s book—especially since Dime talked so much smack about Joseline before all of a sudden making peace, or whatever. These are valid concerns.

Welp, Joseline and Dime’s friendship didn’t last long at all.


After everything is calmed down and Dime is escorted out, they toast to Tommie’s wine, which apparently tastes good. But then Tommie’s mother walks in, and you know they don’t get along.

We’ll have to find out which way this goes next week.


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