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There’s nothing more beautiful or stunning than black skin. It comes in so many shades and features and has been a force in fashion and beauty. At the same time, taking care of black skin can seem complicated and challenging, especially since many of us haven’t been taught the effective ways of caring for our skin. Enter Ni’Kita Wilson, owner and founder of Skinects, a company that provides quality and research-based advice on how to care for Black skin.

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Ni’Kita is no stranger to the qualms of having skin problems. As a teenager, she experienced the horror of using prescribed skin medications that caused a bad reaction to her skin. As a Bench Chemist, she has been able to create products for popular brands, with the power of creativity and science to formulate solutions specifically for Black skin. After learning more about the importance of skin care and cosmetic chemistry, Ni’Kita launched her company Skinects to teach and inspire people of color to care for their skin. “A common problem people do is they don’t get the right products for their skin and skin type. And then you misinform others by saying this is a ‘good’ product or not,” she explains to Yahoo.

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The Skinects website is not only informative, but interactive as well with quizzes and assessments on skincare. The tools on the website focus on complexion and reaction to sunlight so that people are educated on the effects of chemical products, facial treatments and risks of skin cancer. One of the biggest issues Ni’Kita loves to tackle is the increase of dark spots as women age, and how they are not getting the right treatment. “People who use products for evening out skin tones and dark spots are not wearing a sunscreen! You don’t realize you are wasting your money. The sun exacerbates those spots. The biggest thing age-wise are the dark spots and sun care.”

Another thing Ni’Kita says you should be aware of is the reason for the limited number of darker based foundations – it requires more work and research for the makeup companies to conduct, so they often opt for colors that require less work and aren’t as complicated. Even though these types of challenges exist, Ni’Kita remains optimistic about the direction of the beauty industry, especially since people of color make up such a large part of the audience. “I think we’re going to get further along as we continue to push people and say we’re not going to support this unless you support us,” she says. “Within the next 5 to 10 years, we’ll see a lot more diversity.”

Get more info on Ni’Kita’s Skinects site here and finally figure out what you need for YOUR skin.


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