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There’s nothing more entertaining than getting a group of influencers together and asking them a variety of questions. So, Team Beautiful did just that. We gathered a few of our favorite personalities to see what three things they absolutely cannot live without.

In the video series called The Q, each influencer provided heartfelt and silly answers to the basic, yet unexpected question we’re all dying to know. The amusing footage features DJ Olivia Dope; who you may have seen spinning at the hottest industry events; Cory Townes, your favorite online contributor; our very own digital project manager Brandon Bouknight; Ashley Outrageous, host of Cruise 95 on 1 AM Radio on Dash Radio, among others.

We tapped Jamal Jimoh, well-known social media personality and co-host of the podcast Marisa Explains It All, to pose the thought-provoking question, “Name three things you can’t live without?”

While DJ Olivia Dope kept it simple by responding with water, food and NBC’s new hit show This Is Us, our project manager’s response was quite different. “I would have to say one music, my family,” Bouknight said, [Secondly], I love my family. And three, my friends.”

Although by definition the word “thing” is an inanimate object distinguished from a living being, we’ll let him slide.

Press play to see what everyone else had to say.

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