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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up from that moment Kandi revealed that she was trying her hardest not to drag Porsha. Kandi manages to contain herself and not pop off, while Todd, Kenya, and Cynthia try to calm things down overall. Phaedra, still riding for her girl Porsha, claims that she doesn’t think this situation is that serious, but everyone else gets the gravity of this type of accusation, especially if it’s a lie. Drugging people is illegal, mkay?


The next move for the group is a boat ride, but Kandi asks that Porsha stays behind. Porsha obliged, and went with her man to get a massage instead, thinking that everything will blow over and be fine (remember, Porsha did mention that she has a condition where she doesn’t get enough oxygen to her brain, so, yeah). The group split up into separate cars on the way to the boat and things go unexpectedly left between Bob and Sheree (Phaedra and Kenya are also in their car).

Basically, the conversation shifts from Kandi and Porsha, and turns toward Bob’s alleged abuse toward Sheree. They are on two very different pages about whether he put his hands on her or not, but it started with Bob saying that he has said mean things to Sheree and then that he may have hit or choked her, but that he doesn’t remember. Sheree gives him a sideways look like she couldn’t believe he was doing this and then he makes it worse by adding, “Maybe if I did, then I didn’t choke you hard enough.” That was supposed to be a joke, and everyone in the car is appalled that he tried to trivialize the abuse he inflicted on her (allegedly). Sheree, in her confessional, says that Bob has a really dark side that no one gets to see, but she has definitely seen it as his wife. Sheree starts to cry and Kenya comforts her while Phaedra tells Bob to apologize. Bob sits there like a simp for a minute, amused, and eventually grabs Sheree’s hand and tells her that he hates seeing her cry, and says everything he can think of to try and smooth things over (in his mind) without apologizing or admitting wrong doing. It is in this moment, when most viewers (with sense), are truly horrified. Sheree, in her confessional, says that this version of Bob is taking her back to the days of their volatile relationship and that she has decided that she will not be giving Bob a second chance.

Even more disturbing is that Sheree kept filming with him and entertaining this like it’s normal.



Boat ride day is uneventful, but Phaedra gets the idea to get Porsha and Kandi together to try to talk out their differences (and because “god put it on her heart)so she invites the ladies to her room for what she’s calling a restoration.


The restoration begins with Sheree and Kenya hashing out their issues. Sheree was upset with Kenya for bringing up her past with abusive men in a way that she felt poked fun. That’s not reality, though. What happened was, when Kenya Was going through her drama with Matt, Sheree tried to downplay it so then Kenya said she was surprised that Sheree would try to downplay any kind of abuse given her past, and Sheree took it as Kenya trying to poke. However, for once, Kenya wasn’t poking when she said what she said. Basically, Sheree took her comment out of context so they seemingly resolved their issues.

Kandi and Porsha have their moment to talk. In short, Porsha finally admits to lying. She basically said that she was mad that Kandi said she slept with Block (Rily’s father), which actually did happen (because Block revealed this to Kandi), and so she went on a rampage. Anyway, Kandi stated how ridiculous this is, especially since Kandi has supported Porsha as a friend in the past and of all the things that could have been said, you get mad at something that’s not actually a rumor?


Again, oxygen to Porsha’s brain is scarce. Porsha never really apologized to Kandi, but did have the nerve to tell Kandi that she owed Phaedra an apology for accusing her of cheating on Apollo (as in, she tried to derail the conversation away from the fact the she’s a fraud).


What Kandi said was, that she knew that Phaedra had been romantically communicating with some unnamed man while she was still with Apollo. Shaedra denied it, of course, and this whole restoration turns out to be a waste of time.


The episode ends on a disturbing note. Bob thought he could get back on Sheree’s good side by buying her some expensive jewelry. He set up a surprise by having her come to the jeweler so she could pick something out, still acting as if this situation between them is funny. Sheree can’t believe that he’s being so cavalier about domestic violence, and laughing and joking about what he put her through, and when he wouldn’t stop acting like a delusional child, Sheree got flustered and walked out on him — rightfully so. Hopefully Sheree is done with him for real, this time.


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