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Nancy Pelosi Meets With Vice President-Elect Mike Pence At The Capitol

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Not too long after President Trump appeared that he wasn’t sure if Frederick Douglass was alive or dead, his number two took the ridiculousness to the next level.

To honor the second day of Black History Month, Vice President Pence went on Twitter to give props, but not to anyone who is actually African-American, but to President Lincoln for freeing the slaves.

Yeah he tried it.

First off, Black History Month isn’t about honoring white saviors nor did our history begin with slavery or its abolition. Thankfully, Twitter snatched Pence’s edges clean off to remind him what these 28 days actually represent:

Soon after, folks brought the jokes with the trending hashtag #PenceBlackHistory:

This is only week two folks. What insanity and racial insensitivity will week three bring?


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