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Protests erupted at Oklahoma State University Monday after a string of incidents involving students posing in blackface on campus.

It multiple incidents taking place over the course of the week, white students posed in blackface on social media. The first incident took place on Martin Luther King day.

Last week, student Kandice Burgess apologized for posting a photo of herself on Snapchat in blackface with the caption, “When he says he only likes black girls.”

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “I am deeply sorry for those that I have offended. My intentions were not at all to be racist. For anyone who knows me, you know I am not racist. I had no idea about the incident with the other two girls and their face masks. That is just unfortunate timing.”

But “unfortunate timing” (eye-roll) aside, the students protesting the racism are demanding an apology from the university, according to local Oklahoma media reports.

According to reports, dozens of students protested outside the office of the university’s president as he met with leaders of Black student organizations on how to better protect Black students.

The university has yet to release a statement on the incident.

“That’s not where this ends. I think that more so than those students carrying that on. It’s a job for all of us to carry that on. That’s not an African American problem. That’s not a minority problem. It’s an OSU problem,” said OSU SGA President, Dillon Johnson.


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