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Erica Felder is a creative artist that likes to focus on clothing and accessories. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, she has created a line of “luxury” handbags that are causing conversation around high fashion and luxury goods. She uses fake bags and then does graffiti type writing, admitting the fakeness of the bag (and the realness of not being able to afford it!).

Erica exclusively tells Hello Beautiful,

“I started on these bags because I had a lot of fake bags and I deal with a lot of fake people. So instead of trying to make a fake bag look real or answering questions, I just started to paint on these bags. I was inspired by a woman in California who was wearing something similar.”

In the age of Instagram, where everyone is trying to “keep up,” I find these bags refreshing. They are admittedly fake but still fashionable.

Even celebrities are wearing versions of the bag! Tisha Campbell was spotted at Essence Festival with a similar handbag. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist flaunted one of the bags on her Snapchat.

Erica shares that her favorite bag is, “Fake bag, Real bitch. People assume if you have a fake bag, you are poor or you aren’t real. Just because I can’t afford a $30K bag, doesn’t make me not real. I don’t know anyone who can afford that unless you are a celebrity or really wealthy!”

Erica customizes and creates bags, shoes, t-shirts and more. She also focuses on the plus-size women.

“I just wanted to accessorize big girl fashion. Big girls can dress! These bags are an extra kick for girls that want some fashion.” ~ Erica Felder


Erica has been creating these bags and purses and shoes and customizing since 2007, but has recently gained popularity for her work. She admits, “I stopped for awhile with the bags because people were taking the idea, with no credit. As a small business owner, this can be hard. I recently started creating them again.”

…and we are glad she is!

Beauties, support and shop Erica’s collection, here. You can reach out to her directly for customized work.

Follow her on Instagram, here.

The bags range from $80.00 to $150.00 and of course, they are fake designer bags.


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