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Atlanta’s finest ratchets (Stevie, Joseline, Mimi, Karlie Redd, Jessica Dime, Tommie and Tiarra) are in LA for Grammy weekend. Mimi and Tiarra are hanging tough with each other while everyone else is doing their own thing. Mimi hopes she doesn’t run into Stevie (as if), and Karlie claims she’s out there to “check on her store” and to tell Lyfe about Scrapp. Of course this is all going to come to a head.

Back in Atlanta, Momma Dee linked up with Yung Joc to work out some details about her music career. She said Scrappy was MIA so she went to Joc for help. It looks like there’s a collaboration is in the works, which will be interested. But the best thing about this conversation is that Momma Dee thinks Ernest has been creeping behind her back and she plans to confront him. This is going to be hilarious.

Meanwhile in LA, Mimi, Karlie and Tiarra ended up at a Russell Simmons comedy show, where they didn’t think they’d bump into Stevie. Not too long into the show, Stevie J showed up with Jessica Dime in tow and the host, Tony Rock, had jokes on all of them for days. He even pulled the shower rod situation from his back pocket. Anyway, Mimi said she feels some type of way about Stevie working with Dime because back when she tried to introduce Dime to their management partnership, Stevie didn’t want to work with her, yet here they are. No hands were thrown, but Dime pulled out some messy info for Karlie. She informed Karlie Redd that Lyfe was allegedly married to some German woman and had a baby. Karlie went off, claiming she doesn’t do married men (yawn) and that she can’t wait to confront him. Mimi stepped to Stevie and told him that she was hurt that he didn’t communicate that he was dealing with Dime on the business tip. That then opened up the floodgates for Mimi to tell him he had no idea how much he hurt her by leaving her for Joseline. Stevie seemed contrite, but then Mimi started going on and on, teary-eyed and dramatic, about how he did un-repairable damage to her, yatta yatta (as if she didn’t allow his abuse to continue by staying with him when it was clear that he was going to keep lying).


Ernest is frustrated about his relationship with Momma Dee. He feels like he hasn’t been able to reach her so he has been reaching out to Shirleen for help since she understands how kooky Momma Dee can be. Momma Dee just so happened to storm into the café in the middle of their conversation and immediately accused them of creeping. She said she found them because she “put a tracking device on Ernest.” It was probably the Find My Phone app, though.


Crisis averted for now, though, because Shirleen explained the situation and Momma Dee seemed receptive, but that doesn’t mean her marriage will get any better.

We have now arrived at the moment where Stevie J and Joseline meet up to talk about their relationship, or lack thereof. Joseline said she’d rather just have an open relationship, but then Stevie brought up the Rick Ross picture and how disrespectful he felt it was and that he doesn’t want an open relationship. Meanwhile, Joseline, in her confessional, says she’s having fun toying with Stevie and Mimi because she “wants to play their game.” We’re sure what game they’ve been playing with her though. Stevie seemed like he was trying when they were living in LA for their reality show, and Mimi was actually trying to be her friend. So…Joseline is definitely on one, or ten.


In the end, Stevie said he missed her, but at the end of the day he “respects her” and they agreed to hug it out. That’s when Tommie walked in. Joseline is still trying to get this threesome popping. She hates Tommie, but her logic is that this would be a great way to humiliate Tommie. Stevie actually has more self control (and sense) than we thought, and he’s hip to what Joseline is trying to do. He doesn’t feel right messing with Tommie due to Scrapp being his “nephew” and Tommie actually said she was more interested in messing with Joseline. So, it got intimate, but it didn’t seem to go quite as Joseline had planned.

Karlie Redd said she did some snooping on social media and discovered that Lyfe was married so she confronted him. Mind you, this is leading up to the scene that we’ve been seeing in the commercials all season where Karlie topples off the bench. Lyfe said that it was just rumors and that contrary to what Karlie believed, the woman actually denied the rumors on social media. He then brought up the fact that he heard rumors about she and Scrapp. Karlie admitted it. Lyfe wasn’t feeling it, but he still felt that it was appropriate to propose to her, you know, just so she knows it’s real, and pulled out a giant diamond ring. Ladies and gentleman, the moment we’ve been waiting for…


Cue Karlie’s fake faint. She straight thew herself fell off the bench.

Laugh (Oscar award)

We know she’ll be aight for now, though, but she still hasn’t told Tiarra about smashing Scrapp. And you know messy Karlie plans to tell. Her “logic” is that Tiarra deserves to know how Scrapp gets down as the mother of one of his kids. Chiiiiile…

Anyway, that’s not going to go well because based on the previews we saw, Tiarra will try to deliver some major fade.


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