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ASCAP Rhythm And Soul Presents Women Behind The Music, ATL Edition

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta covered Scrapp’s prison drama, Stevie’s alleged secret babies, and the drama between D. Smith and Tammy over Waka Flocka’s comments about transgender people. In other words, it was all dramaful (yes, dramaful).

So let’s get into the Scrapp situation first. Basically, it’s his final days before he has to turn himself in. What we know thus far is that he took a plea deal in his weed trafficking case and in the state of Georgia the mandatory minimum is five years. Scrapp could serve 5-30, but the plea deal may have reduced that amount of time to the minimum. However, he’s still awaiting his sentencing. In the meantime we watch him praying and spending his final moments with his family. It’s hard to watch, especially because you know he’ll be leaving his young children.

The next dramaful situation we deal with in the episode is D. Smith and her Waka beef.

Deb Antney, despite the fact that Tammy and Bambi have beef with D. Smith, took the higher road and asked D. Smith to be on an anti-bullying panel she’s having in honor of her son who killed himself. D. Smith seemed open to it, but the topic of Waka’s egregious comments and the subsequent beef with Tammy came up and Deb called D. Smith out for potentially being two-faced in the situation. Deb’s perception is that D. Smith has been stirring the pot by gossiping to Betty, who then went on attack dog duty and brought up things to Tammy that was probably passed on through gossip from D, which obviously made the situation worse. D. Smith had a flippant attitude about the situation and Deb tried hard to keep it together (because y’all know she’s liable to choke a bish). Basically, there won’t be a panel for D. Smith…right? Wrong! In a later conversation, Mimi (of all people) convinced D. Smith to do the panel, you know, for the sake of drama on camera bigger cause at stake.


Stevie J’s new drama involves the fact that he may or may not have two secret little Stevie’s running around. Mimi–still disturbed about Joseline’s info about Stevie having more children running around–confronted Stevie. Stevie denied the rumor and said that Joseline was lying. But Mimi claimed she had legit documents from at least one of the babymothers in question confirming truth with one child. Stevie still denied it and then tried to deflect by bringing up the fact that Joseline destroyed all of his things with bleach (because that has everything to do with the tea in China…unless Joseline destroyed his things because of this news). Stevie’s distraction seemed to work though, because Mimi, even though not sure who is telling the truth, seemed to lean more toward #TeamStevie and even let him crash at her house.

Deb Antney’s panel featured key Atlanta-area members of the LGBT community, other victims of bullying like Tammy, and even Momma Dee (as nuts as she can be, she does actually have random lucid moments that make sense). The panel started off well, but Deb was alarmed when she saw D. Smith and Betty Idol walk in. This was the right (or planned) moment because this was when Tammy started talking about how “her husband may have his opinions, but he never bashes anyone,” and that there’s a way to have an opinion and be respectful, and basically over-defending Waka.


Once the floor opened up for a Q and A, D. Smith took that as her chance to get up and speak to the panel. She talked about her struggles being transgender and the importance of having compassion and understanding. What she said was heartfelt, but things shifted because Tammy took this opportunity to address she and D. Smith’s problems. This led to Tammy and D. Smith going back and forth, once again (neither one of these women were right here). Obviously, this was not really the appropriate moment for this (and Tammy takes the L here for making things personal at a public discussion for a major cause). It got heated, but Deb stepped up and told D. Smith and Betty Idol that they needed to go.


The episode concluded with Scrapp turning himself in to the court for sentencing. He was surrounded by family who prayed for him, but we’ll have to find out what his ultimate sentence will be next week. We know it won’t be less than five years, which is still a long time, but hopefully it won’t be more than that either. Scrapp’s situation was the result of a bad decision, but it’s ridiculous that he has to do so much time over marijuana, which is becoming increasingly more legal in various US states. What happens when (or if) it become legal in Georgia?


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