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Man Reportedly Shot His In-Laws Because His Wife Was Planning To File For Divorce

Georgia police have been combing through three crime scenes following a shooting spree on Friday, April 22nd. Reportedly Wayne Hawes shot and killed himself and five others after finding out that his wife was planning to file for divorce. The victims at the first location have been identified as: Roosevelt Burns, 75, Kelia Clark, 31 and Rheva Mae Dent, 85 who was Hawes’ mother-in-law. approximately 30 minutes later, at a second location, Hawes shot Lizzy Williams, 59, and Shelly Williams, 62. Hawes was found dead in his home due to a self-inflicted shot to the head. He had also attempted to set the home on fire but it was extinguished before causing any major damage. Hawes’ wife is currently being held in protective custody. NY Times

President Obama Thinks New Law Should Be ‘Overturned’

North Carolina and Mississippi recently passed a controversial law pertaining to the use of public restrooms. Transgendered people are required to use the public bathroom that correspond to their gender at birth. The President has been in London for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday and he as well as the Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the new legislation. Obama shared that the politicians personal opinions may have made their votes unbiased. He added the restrictive transgender laws “are wrong and should be overturned.” Interestingly, the U.K. issued a travel advisory that made British citizens privy about the law saying in part, “LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.” NPR

Community Mourns The Loss Of A New Jersey Mayor

A mere two years after making history by becoming the first African American mayor of Teaneck, New Jersey, Lizette Parker has passed away. Parker began her political career in Teneck in 2006 as a member of the city’s township council. Her prior career was as a social worker. She was an active member of the Bergen County branch of the NAACP. Reportedly, the 44-year-old died of complications due to respiratory issues. “Her love, presences and sincerity will be sorely missed in township government and in the community” read a statement from the town’s website. Parker is survived by her daughter and her husband of 17 years. NY Daily News

Does Bernie Sanders Want To Outlaw Cigarettes?

During an interview with ‘Meet The Press’ Democratic Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders suggested that cigarette taxes be increased at a rate that would hopefully detour smoking. Presently, Philadelphia has proposed a law that would place a higher tax on soda in efforts to fight obesity and fund childhood education programs. Sanders called that plan “totally regressive” because that would affect lower income customers. The Vermont Senator did however support the tax being redirected: “There’s a difference between cigarettes and soda” began Sanders. “Cigarettes are causing cancer, obviously, and a dozen other diseases. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country.” NY Post


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