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As women, we spend a lot of energy fighting for equal pay, as statistically, we make far less than our male counterparts. But I’m ready to stop that.

Why on Earth should women settle for equal pay when they are destined for more? Everyone from politicians to feminists has conditioned women to believe they are only worth the exact same pay as men.

Here’s why equal isn’t enough:

You work harder

Because a woman’s worth has been defined by how closely she mimics the abilities of a man, she pushes herself just to break even with his success. All the while, she is actually kicking ass and taking names in the workplace. In reality, he should be competing with her. She’s closing deals, generating revenue, and developing irresistible company brands. It can be a struggle for women to climb the corporate ladder and dreams of family, vacations or even an occasional girl’s night out can take a backseat to achieving what others deem impossible. More dedication means she can and should negotiate a higher salary.

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You have more skills

Education and credentials play crucial roles in validating a woman’s expertise in the workplace. While her male counterpart can most times get by on his tenure and connections, experience alone is not enough for her. It really is more about who you know and less about what you know – unless you’re a woman. A woman can have an enormous work portfolio but someone will find a way to discount her accomplishments when she doesn’t have the degree or license to back it up. If she’s actually the expert, she should be paid like one – even if that repositions her into a higher tax bracket than a man.

You build more meaningful relationships

In general, women tend to relate to their employees and peers on a more emotional level. Coworkers will more than likely gravitate toward a peer they can connect with beyond the task at hand. Building stronger relationships is the catalyst for how likeable women get things done faster and more efficiently. Employees work harder for people they like. Why should a woman settle for the same scraps as a man when she’s clearly the frontrunner?

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Sure, equal pay sounds good on the surface but you must dig deeper. Find confidence in knowing you deserve beyond the same pay as someone you can outperform in your sleep. Demand your worth and set your own standard of excellence.

Ashley Watkins, of Write Step Resumes, LLC, helps job seekers and career changers write their career dreams into reality one step at a time.  She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or via for resume help, interview prep, career tips and motivational quotes.


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