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Rep. Maxine Waters

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

While white Republican men such as Bill O’Reilly And Sean Spicer are here for disrespecting the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and American Urban Radio Correspondent April Ryan, Black women are always here to finish the nonsense.

On Tuesday in response to the Fox News anchor O’Reilly saying that Waters’ wig looks like James Brown and Spicer telling Ryan to stop shaking her head during a press conference, writer and activist Brittany Packnett took to Twitter with the trending hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork to encourage Black women to share their experiences of being policed, disrespected and treated like utter sh^t in the workplace.

And the results were glorious:

This what the intersections of racism and sexism looks like for us in the workplace. But lesson learned: You can try to beat us down, but we always fight back with truth.



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