Alva Johnson claims that #45 was sexually inappropriate with her at a 2016 presidential campaign rally. The White House denies her accusation.

The Oscar winner wants you to know that she gets paid way less than her white female counterparts.

The deal the streaming giant offered her is even worse than we once thought.

The Oscar winner accused "The Talk" co-host of encouraging her to take less money for her acting roles.

However, the Golden Globe winner stresses that she wants to be compensated in a way that matches her contribution to the show she loves.

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Why on Earth should women settle for equal pay when they are destined for more?

The White House says that African-American women make 60 cents to the dollar a white man makes; white women make 79 cents.

A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama continued his efforts to raise awareness and seek solutions to close the pay gap that exists between women and men. He did so by unveiling new rules to compel companies with more than 100 workers to provide the federal government with annual data noting how much their employees are […]