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For anyone who thinks that children are the ones who need to learn from adults, NBC’s newest show is proof that, sometimes, it’s the opposite. When it comes to amazing talent and skill, adults have a LOT to learn from these youth.

Hosted by America’s favorite family comedian, Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots features child prodigies in every area from music to sports to even animal hypnotism (yes, you read that right).

While the entire roster of contestants is impressive, we counted 7 Little Big Shots who really caught our eye. Get ready to be amazed.

1. The Little Boxer Who Could

This future heavyweight champ may be pint-sized, but she packs a super punch. There’s a good chance Steve may be nursing a bruise (and not just to his pride) after his encounter with this little pro.

2. The Future NBA All-Star

While most of us are lucky if we are able to throw a ball of paper in the trash can from afar, this little prodigy is making 3-point shots every time he takes them. And he’s also an MVP when it comes to comedy too. Check out the epic moment he asks Steve, “Where are your balls?”

3. The Future Bruce Lee

This kid’s parents definitely have the upper hand should an emergency ever arise, because their little martial arts expert could definitely duck any punch thrown and clap back with a jab before you can even say “HI-YA!”

4. The Most Flexible Limbo Star In History

This little wonder-kid just took every limbo competition to the next level with this gravity-defying act. Our old bones hurt just looking at that!

5. The Piano Prodigy

To say we’re impressed by this musical genius is an understatement. Watch in awe as this little guy hits every note in his performance. And major bonus points for the moment he tells Steve he’s only been practicing for three months.

6. The Master Somersaulter

This little guy proclaims that he has been doing gymnastics since he was two and he’s pretty confident that Steve is a little too late to the party to try those moves himself. And, you know, he’s probably right!

7. The Trampoline Pro

Ah to be young again, when your little arms and legs can take you to new heights, all while performing feats we didn’t even know were possible! We’re just gonna admire these impressive moves from this comfortable seat we’re in.

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