The popular talk show host wants for everyone to know that there are still more chapters for him to write.

For anyone who thinks that children are the ones who need to learn from adults, NBC’s newest show is proof that, sometimes, it’s the opposite. When it comes to amazing talent and skill, adults have a LOT to learn from these youth. Hosted by America’s favorite family comedian, Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots features child […]

Kids will say and do the darndest things, and that’s precisely why we know your newest television obsession is going to be NBC’s Little Big Shots. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the show features talented little boss kids and we already can’t get enough. These adorable prodigies showcasing their epic talents is reason enough to tune […]

If you’re looking for your next television obsession, then we’ve got you covered. Trust us beauties, you’re going to be addicted to watching the incredibly talented kid stars of NBC’s next hit show, Little Big Shots. The series, hosted by Steve Harvey, gives every one of these talented kids a chance to be a superstar for […]