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Houston based Facebook user Heather Smith was terrified when she received death threats from a man who called himself Matt Walters. 

Walters described in his gruesome post that he would kidnap her and “burn her asshole shut.”


His tirade continues with numerous racist comments, including calling her a “filthy Black chick.”

Heather detailed her interactions with the police on her page explaining that the operator took a deep, annoyed breath and told her to make a police report.

With no help or sense of urgency from the police, Heather’s FB friends went to her defense by reporting the page and sharing the threats.

Heather, along with some of her allies, was blocked in her attempts to spread awareness to the situation.

As a #BlackLivesMatter activist, Heather told MicRacists don’t like what I’m doing. They don’t like my calling it blatant racism in this country. But I do it anyway. But none of it merits a threat on my life. It reveals how deep this racism can go.”

Hopefully since the threats are screenshot and now viral, this woman can get the justice she deserves, and this internet thugging scum bag can be brought to justice.

We are standing with you, Heather.


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