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Teen In A Coma After Being Shot By Police For Holding A Broomstick

On Saturday, February 27, Salt Lake City police were called to intervene in an altercation between two males at approximately 8pm. Abdi Mohamed, 17, had picked up a broken broomstick to defend himself against the unidentified man he was fighting with. Mohamed’s friend, Selam Mohammed witnessed the incident, he said that when police arrived, they yelled, “drop it” once before shooting at the teen three times. According to the official statement released by the police department, officers thought Mohamed was wielding a metal object at his victim. They also claim that he tried to use this object to attack the officers. Mohamed was struck in the chest and in the stomach. He is currently in a coma. Originally from Kenya, the teen has lived in Utah for the pass ten years. He and his girlfriend Becca have one son. The Unified Police Department have taken over the investigation. NY Daily News/FOX13

Georgia Mom Arrested For Shooting Stalker

According to residents of the Woodberry Place apartment complex in DeKalb County, GA, Demarcus McDowell frequently stalked and harassed some of the residents including a particular family of four that requested not to be identified. The husband claims that one evening McDowell had broken into their home and the husband fired a shot at him but the intruder was able to flee the scene. The parents said that their children witnessed the incident which left them in fear for their lives. The next day, when the parents picked their kids up at the bus stop, they saw McDowell standing just a few feet away, carrying a pole. The father called 911, but his wife shot McDowell three times in the parking lot of the apartment complex. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault because McDowell posed no immediate danger to the family. The alleged stalker has also been arrested. McDowell is currently in DeKalb County Jail with a $10,000 cash only bond, facing first degree burglary charges. AJC

Pastor Shot And Killed By His Brother 

A church service became a funeral at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, Florida. As the choir and about 20 of its parishioners were singing on Sunday afternoon, Rev. William Schooler was in his office preparing to give his sermon. The 70-year-old pastor was then shot and killed by his brother, Daniel Schooler, 68. Police have yet to release details about what may have been the motive for the sibling slaying. William died from his injuries, and Daniel was arrested inside the church. The pastor was a Vietnam vet and former school principal. The Schooler’s niece, Sheafra said there didn’t appear to be animosity in the brother relationship. “Not only did I lose an uncle, I lost two uncles. That’s what happened to me today. It’s tragic” she said. William is survived by his wife and two daughters. NY Daily News

New Holiday Will Now Be Celebrated In Mississippi 

According to Mississippi, Governor, Phil Bryant it’s “important for all Americans to reflect upon our nation’s past”, which is why he recently signed a bill declaring April, “Confederate Heritage Month”. It adds that the state will celebrate “Confederate Memorial Day” on April 25 to “recognize those who served in the Confederacy.” Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group dedicated to preventing the Confederate flag symbol from being removed from the Mississippi flag, was first to publish the proclamation on it’s website which is written on Bryant’s official gubernatorial letterhead. Mississippi now joins Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas, states that all recognize the month. In Bryant’s letter he also said that we must “earnestly strive to understand and appreciate our heritage and our opportunities which lie before us.” Jackson Free Press


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