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The remaining five Republican presidential candidates took to the stage Thursday at the University of Houston in the final debate ahead of the all-important Super Tuesday primaries next week.

And Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz did not waste any time attacking front-runner Donald Trump on immigration and health care at the CNN-Telemundo Republican debate.

Rubio criticized Trump for hiring “a significant number of people from other countries to take jobs that Americans could have filled.” He also brought up a $1 million judgement against Trump for using illegal workers from Poland.

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Houston, Texas

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“I‘m the only one on the stage that’s hired people. You haven’t hired anybody,” Trump quipped, rebuffing Rubio’s allegation. Cruz backed up Rubio, and even called Trump “a liar.”

Rubio then hit Trump for “bankrupting four companies” and the Trump University fraud case, which he called a “fake university.”

Borrowing a barb first used on him by former Republican candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Rubio hit Trump for repeating himself as the real estate mogul tried to explain his health care plan, sparking laughter from the audience.

“You’ll have many plans,” Trump said. “You’ll have competition. You’ll have so many different plans.”

“Now, he’s repeating himself,” said a bemused Rubio.

 “No, I’m not. No, no, no, no,” Trump said . “I don’t repeat myself. I don’t repeat myself.”

Trump swung back.

“Talking about repeating. I watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago,” Trump laughed. “I watched him. I watched him melt down on the stage like I’ve never seen anybody.”

The candidates also stopped referring to the mogul as Mr. Trump and began calling him Donald. Do you think Rubio’s attack will cause Trump to lose momentum?



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