The Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development continues to put his incompetence on full blast.


Continuing with tradition, lower income Americans continue to get the shaft and be hit with some of the most devastating blows as they attempt to live lives just like everyone else. The latest measure to penalize the poor comes from Ben Carson, who has proposed to severely increase the rent in low-income housing. HUD Secretary […]

Trump's secretary of Housing and Urban Development feels that shelters are "too cozy."

The actor wasn't the only one who took to Twitter to show their disgust for the new HUD secretary calling African slaves "immigrants."

Plus, Ben Carson says Trump’s lewd tape release was a "progressive conspiracy" and ABC taps Jamila Hunter as new head of comedy.

Former Republican Presidential candidate, Ben Carson believes Harriet Tubman isn't deserving of being on the $20 bill and should instead be placed on the $2 bill.

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Ben Carson announced the endorsement at a press conference Friday.

Plus, Ben Carson officially drops out of the presidential race and a gym employee calls the cops on Seahawks player Kam Chancellor.