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GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently came out of his mouth—again—when he questioned opponent and frontrunner Donald Trump’s values.

Instead of attacking the polarizing politician for running a racial divisive campaign or not having any real experience with foreign affairs or politics, Cruz criticized Trump for possessing “New York values” and insinuated that New Yorkers are completely out of touch with the rest of the country.

When pressed at Thursday’s Republican Presidential Debate to elaborate on his critique, Cruz said that Big Apple values simply mean “socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and focus around money and the media.”


He really tried it, but NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray finished it by penning an eloquent, but firm op-ed for Time that basically read Cruz for filth.

And while McCray is clear that she “rarely agrees with Trump” on many issues, she is certain that from 9/11 to the courage she witnesses everyday on the streets of New York, the city she serves embodies great resilience, compassion and a “fighting spirit.”

She wrote:

I’m thinking of a man I recently met in a homeless shelter who handed me his resume. The thing he wants most in this world is a job—and he’s not afraid to work hard for it.

I’m thinking of a mother I met in Queens who emigrated from Mexico to build a better life for her family. After a few excruciating years, she was finally able to bring her daughter here. The daughter’s transition to a new city and a new life wasn’t easy, but they eventually found the help they needed at a school-based mental health clinic. Now they finally feel like a family again.

McCray also stressed that the biggest and best value coming out of NYC is the city’s need to take care of each other, especially through her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new policies:

That means expanding paid parental leave, so parents can spend as much time as possible with their child and find their rhythm as a parent…That means lifting wages, so every person who works can pay the rent on a safe and comfortable home…We aren’t doing this work simply because it’s the right thing to do. We’re doing it because putting our values into action is the best investment we can make in the city’s future.

McCray wasn’t the only one who took issue with Cruz’s comments.

The day after the debate, The New York Daily News, one of the city’s most popular papers whose covers have been on point recently, didn’t mince words:

And then there was this SNL Skit from last night:

We’re pretty sure Cruz will think twice the next time he tries to come for the Empire State ever again.

Read McCray’s piece in its entirety here.



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