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Don’t be fooled by Michael Ealy’s handsome face and charming blue eyes, he’s not who he claims to be- at least not in the romantic thriller The Perfect Guy. Ealy introduces us to a whole new level of crazy as he wrecks the lives of his co-stars Sanaa Lathan (Leah) and Morris Chestnut (Dave).

Ealy plays the disturbing role of Carter Duncan — a seemingly great catch who reveals his true colors when he viciously beats a man at a gas station. Leah finds herself in defense mode when she has to protect herself from Ealy’s fatal attraction.

We caught up with the cast in LA during a weekend junket and played a little game of He/Said, She/Said. Watch what Ealy, Lathan and Chestnut had to say about red flags in relationships, their turn on/turn offs and more.

Catch The Perfect Guy in theaters this Friday, September 11.


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